Giles Cooke MW



A long standing Spanish wine champion, Giles has been visiting Spain and eating more than his fair share of Jamón Ibérico de Bellota for over 20 years. It was on one such trip, back in 2005, that Giles met Victor Fernandez de Manzanos Sr for the first time. Impressed by both the vision and ambitious plans for the winery, they began working together and this was the initial catalyst for Viñedos Perdido.

Fergal Tynan MW



Having travelled extensively, searching for the up and coming wineries of the New World, it was time to return to one of the regions visited early on in his career. 

Extensive experience of Spanish wine from the commercial angle in various buying functions, embued a deep respect for the quality and adaptability of Spanish wine. Sharing the love for all things Spanish, as well as a curiosity for the history and culture of the country, the Viñedos Perdido vision was crafted.


Borja Ripa



Born into viticulture, Borja's youthful appearance belies a wealth of experience gained theoretically and practically at university and through extensive travel and winemaking experience in Australia, Italy, California and, of course, Spain.


Borja feels most at home out in the vineyards of his beloved Rioja and his attention to detail and care for every vine is reflected in the wines of deAlto.

Paul Shinnie



Paul eats, lives and breathes Spain and has, for much of his career, snuffled out many of Spain's vinous gems. With a home in Andalucia and a heart that belongs to Spain, he is our man on the ground.

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