Spain's rich cultural heritage has not always been reflected in its gastronomic reputation internationally. The quality of it's meat, seafood, vegetables and wine did not necessarily have a stage on which to sit in countries outside of Spain.


Unlike Italy and France, where their gastronomy (and with it, their wine) had spread far and wide, Spain's reputation for food relied more on the oft mediocre experiences of those who had holidayed there.


Fortunately, all that has changed. The cultural explosion that occurred in Spain over the last 20 years, resulted in a new breed of restaurants, such as El Bulli, Arzak & Mugaritz, that wowed an international audience and created a wave of exciting new Spanish restaurants throughout the world.


Their influence has been felt most notably in the movement towards more informal eating in the tapas style, the recognition that Spain has some of the finest produce in the world (think Jamón Ibérico de Bellota, Gambas from Tarragona or Soller, Morcilla, Cecina, Percebes etc etc) and that the appropriate wine to drink with them was Spanish.


We at Viñedos Perdido celebrate all that is good about Spanish food and here we'll keep you up to date with our favourite produce and our favourite restaurants.


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