Sagartoki - Vitoria-Gasteiz

One of our favourite restaurants in the world, Sagartoki effortlessly combines cutting edge tapas bar at the front of the restaurant and more traditional asador/sideria at the back.


It's always a long evening at Sagartoki. Start at the front - sample the amazing fried artichoke hearts with pistachio cream or the wafer thin deep fried potato which envelopes a runny egg yolk. Moving on through, the next attraction is the massive Cider barrel on the wall - raise your glasses, hold the glass well back and spray the delicious, natural cider into your glass and do the traditional thing - down it in one - just a small amount though!


Then it's the main attraction. To start there is fabulous Joselito Jamon Iberico de Bellota Reserva, expertly carved to highlight the beautiful nutty complexity and melt in the mouth texture. Local peppers are delicious, served stewed in local olive oil, fish is also a highlight.


But we can't see past the Chuleton de Buey - ox steak. Few people are aware that Spain produces some of the best beef in the world and the Oxen used to produce these rich, grassy, beefy steaks are venerable beasts of huge size and age. The dry aged meat that comes from them is amongst the best in the world - served medium rare with just some tomatoes and chips it is a truly gastronomic experience.


Sagartoki seems simple, and indeed it is, simply outstanding ingredients, simply cooked, simply brilliant.





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