Mago y Granjero

Inspired by Spain's  largely untapped fine wine resources, long term friends, colleagues and Masters of Wine, Fergal Tynan and Giles Cooke set off on a journey to find unsung heroes, be they growers or winemakers.


Drawing on a mutual love of history, Fergal's intense interest in wine terroirs and Giles' instincts for flavour, they began to unearth great wines whose stories were, thus far, untold.


Convinced by character, quality and authenticity and sceptical of apathy and bureaucracy borne of tradition, Mago y Granjero seek out exceptional Spanish wines capable of illuminating the incredible potential of this vast and noble land.


Each wine is the result of a long journey. Each wine is hand made. Each wine reflects the personality of the land and the subtle imprint of man. Every wine is a wine of which we are proud.

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